Joined-Up Business 6 Issue

Date Published

21 September 2021

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There’s a real buzz around the timber market as we enter 2022 and, as the world continues to open up after a challenging 18 months, it’s time for us all to come together to drive our industry forward.

The desire for sustainable construction and a circular economy is generating significant interest in timber as an ideal low-carbon building solution among architects, builders, joiners, and across many other trades. New regulations and a renewed political will following the COP 26 climate talks are moving us all towards a net-zero future.

Case studies

In the secluded and ancient grounds of Worcester College, overlooking the college cricket pitch, stands the Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre, a beautifully crafted stone and oak pavilion.

What was once a run-down shed, a container for tools and tractors, has been transformed by architect Tonkin Liu into a new house, now a container for a lifetime collection of books and