Weekly Economic and Construction Update – 28 October 2022

Weekly Economic and Construction Update – 28 October 2022

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28 October 2022

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The CPA Economics Team has now confirmed the Autumn Forecasts figures, which are enclosed in the attached excel workbook and the CPA will publish the pdf document on Monday 7 November, in the light of the government postponing its Medium-term Fiscal Plan until 17 November (now rebranded as an Autumn Statement). In addition, there will be a CPA Forecasts Webinar on Wednesday 9 November at 11.00. Please keep the forecasts confidential, for internal use only, at your organisation until publication.

Key Information

As UK macroeconomic forecasts deteriorated following the Summer Forecasts, the CPA advised that members use the Lower Scenario in the forecasts whilst we awaited a new Prime Minister and government along with expected policies to address issues of energy bills for households and businesses as well as policies to stimulate economic growth given the expected contraction in the UK economy.

Case studies

A new workshop/shelter for project work at the Architectural Association’s Hooke Park campus has been built and designed by the students themselves. The workshop is the latest in the collection of innovative timber buildings at Hooke Park.

The building is organised as a two storey rendered block, containing the students union and associated facilities, interlocking with a four storey timber clad block, housing teaching and administration space.