UKCA marking update

UKCA marking update

The Government has provided an update on UKCA marking, with an important change of policy for certain construction products.

As we approach the deadline in the UK for the ending recognition of CE-marked construction products, the UK Government has recently (20 June) announced a change of policy. They have stated that:

“For products subject to AVCP System 3 testing, the UK mark may be affixed on the basis of testing conducted by an EU recognised notified body for the purpose of CE marking where this testing was done before 31 December 2022”.

This change of policy is critical for many important types of construction products where test facilities are limited or non-exist in the UK, such as structural fixings, radiators, sealants & tile adhesives.

However, in our sector, it is likely to be Claddings and Floorings claiming improved fire resistance which may potentially benefit from this change.

We have made minor changes to the TDUK Technical Note on UKCA marking which members can access here.

However, it is important to emphasize that despite this change of Government policy there is still no UK legislation in place to implement the 1 January 2023 deadline.

Furthermore, other important questions about UKCA marking remain unanswered by UK Government. A matter which TDUK through its membership of the Construction Products Association has been lobbying to get resolved for over two years including:

How this change of policy relates to product testing of goods that fall under AVCP System 1, 1+, 2+ or 4.
Whether (or not) manufacturers and testing houses can sub-contract to EU27 companies where there is no test available in Great Britain.
Steps to boost the testing capacity, capability & competence within the UK to meet future demand.

These important questions and others are highlighted in the “CPA outstanding areas of concern” document circulated in February 2022. A copy of this can be found here.

If members have any further questions regarding UKCA marking, please contact