Product Feature: Prefinished Birch Plywood


Product Feature: Prefinished Birch Plywood


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About the product

Specifying ‘Prefinished’ European Birch Plywood can help save time, money and reduce waste!

Using a prefinished-board can help reduce the need for priming, painting, laminating or lacquering; and can save both time and additional costs. DHH also offer CNC-machined panels or components direct from plywood mills. Panels can be pre-drilled for example, meaning they are ready-to-use or fix, thus reducing overall installation time – another important factor when assessing material choice for a project.

Using overlaid/pre-finished panels also means there is also less waste to dispose of (fewer empty paint tins, laminate off-cuts, empty cartridges etc.) as reducing waste on site or in the workshop assists with cutting costs and reduces the amount ultimately sent to landfill. By using ‘Prefinished Birch Plywood’ not only does it help save time and money, but it’s also an ‘eco-friendly’ material.
We source sustainable birch plywood from ‘Riga Wood’ in Latvia, which is bonded with an innovative, environmentally-sustainable adhesive, derived from Lignin, a naturally occurring strengthening substance found in all timber.

Other overlaid-birch panels stocked at DHH include ‘White Melamine-faced Birch Plywood’ and ‘Riga-Composite and Koski-Futura PPL’, a ‘Polypropylene-faced’ Birch plywood which can be used for different applications and offers the benefit of being ready-to-use without the inconvenience of needing to bond or paint it. White Melamine and PPL-coated birch plywood are suitable for interior joinery work, carcassing, furniture and offer the consumer robust, hygienic, but easy-to-clean surfaces.

We additionally stock Smooth Phenolic-film faced, Slip-resistant Mesh (Tex ) and Heksa Plus pattern phenolic, Grey Primed and bespoke items, such as CNC and painted panels are also available to order, MOQ’s may apply.