Assuring Quality – The Flame Retardant Treated Wood Supply Chain

Date Published

21 September 2022

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Where a flame retardant (FR) is added in the factory during the manufacturing process for MDF, OSB or plywood then that manufacturing process should be subject to factory production control (accredited by a notified body). The product should carry the CE mark and be accompanied by a valid Declaration of Performance (DoP) when it leaves the factory

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Case studies

This tiny two-bedroom house, only 75 square metres on plan, sits unobtrusively within the confines of an old brick wall in Deptford, London.

Hardman Square Pavilion stands at the heart of Spinningfields, Manchester’s busy commercial district, yet this new building is utterly unlike the surrounding metallic and glass towers;
the structure is timber, an exposed glulam frame which is clad with timber weatherboards overlaid with planting.