CE to UKCA Marking (January Update)

UKCA Marking
UKCA Marking

CE to UKCA Marking (January Update)

Date Published

9 January 2023

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For many wood products the UKCA situation is very clear as market requirements are based on Harmonised European Standards which are published as the list of UK Designated standards found here.

Most products are at AVCP Level 2+ or AVCP Level 4, which means that either no input is required from a UK Approved Body (Level 4), or just oversight of the Factory Production Control (Level 2+). In either case manufacturers can already move ahead to UKCA marking.

Key Information

Level CE 2+ Manufacturers can move to UKCA marking once they:

  • have registered with a UK Approved Body,
  • have adjusted their quality manual,
  • and received their UKCA certificate reference.

This UKCA mark may be on its own or could be alongside a CE mark if the manufacturer chooses to retain their registration with an EU Notified Body. A good example of this is Structural Timber, which uses the harmonised standard BS.EN.14081, or Structural Plywood which uses BS.EN.13986.

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