The Builder’s Guide to Plywood

Date Published

21 September 2022

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Plywood is a highly versatile building material which spans a wide range of applications from wall and floor sheathing to designer interiors and glider fuselages.

There are many types of plywood available, including specialist tropical veneers such as marine plywood which, while having very good weather resistance and strength properties, comply to specific standards such as BS 1088 (plywood in marine use), rather than the structural standard code BS 5268-2:2002.

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Case studies

The new store at Cheshire Oaks, the third ‘sustainable learning store’ to be built, is also the second largest M&S store in the country and is the company’s flagship for sustainability, carbon efficiency, biodiversity and material innovation, with the use of
timber, both for construction and for fuel, as a central concept of the design.

‘RoominaRoom’ is a practical solution to a client’s need for additional living space within a large existing room; it is also an innovative and imaginative new insertion, highly practical yet celebrating the form and possibilities of timber.