The Timber Cladding Handbook

Date Published

21 September 2022

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Timber cladding provides an attractive, economical and often unique way to finish and protect a building’s exterior. Its versatility makes it ideal for domestic and commercial projects – refurbished and new build. Wood’s natural properties bring added value too, that’s in addition to its proven sustainability as a renewable building resource. It’s got a lot going for it!

Correctly designed, specified and installed, timber cladding will have a long and low maintenance life. There is an abundance of information readily available to the specifier, buyer and installer of timber cladding – but depending on where you look, there is also conflicting and confusing advice out there.

This handbook aims to provide definitive guidance, as well as design inspiration, in a clear and easy to follow format with signposts to more comprehensive and trusted information should you need it. If some of the terms used are unfamiliar then the Glossary at the back of the handbook is a handy reference. The publication aligns with British Standards where applicable, making it both authoritative and consistent.

Produced in collaboration with the Timber Decking and Cladding Association, the Wood Protection Association and our educational partner Wood Campus, we hope this handbook will prove to be the ‘go to’ reference for all things timber cladding.

Case studies

In 2015, the architectural practice Squire and Partners purchased a dilapidated three storey department store in the centre of Brixton.

In 2019 an explosion of colour appeared on the sedate lawn of Dulwich Picture Gallery. It was the Colour Palace, a timber pavilion painted in exuberant geometric patterns and stripes in a kaleidoscope of zinging neon colours.