Wood & Retrofit: Good for the climate

Wood & Retrofit: Good for the climate

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21 September 2021

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Wood plays many roles in the fight against climate change. Energy-efficient timber windows and doors can help reduce energy loss. Using a sub-floor base panel below any flooring being renewed will help to keep heat in and draughts out. Wood fibre insulation has the advantage of breathability, reducing humidity and mould. Interior wood cladding can also help to retain heat.

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Case studies

Pocket House is an award-winning family house, distinguished by its character, the quality of its detailing – much of it in timber
– and by the skill with which the architect has made use of a dauntingly restricted site.

The theatre accommodates a variety of formats to suit drama, dance, music theatre and musical performances as well as school assemblies. It is also a highly sustainable, low carbon building, achieved by the use of a timber structure and cladding together with a natural cooling and ventilation strategy.