Wood – Building the Bioeconomy

Wood – Building the Bioeconomy

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21 September 2021

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Throughout human history, wood has provided us with a diverse, versatile, durable and renewable manufacturing and construction material. Today it is potentially more valuable still. Its use in a bioeconomic development strategy can help reduce, even reverse adverse climate and wider environmental impacts of modern human activity.

Key Information

Throughout this resource the following topics will be explored:

  1. Dawn of the wood age
  2. Climate, carbon and wood
  3. Wood at the root of a bioeconomy
  4. A sustainable, circular future in wood
  5. Europe’s forests – a growing resource
  6. Wood leads life cycle comparisons
  7. Decarbonising construction
  8. The EU wood industry – engine of growth and development

Case studies

The design of the new mosque in Cambridge, by Marks Barfield Architects, is based on the concept of ‘a calm oasis for contemplation, under a grove of trees’, inspired by the image of the garden of paradise.

Cowan Court was needed to house Churchill College’s growing undergraduate numbers, many of whom had to live offsite. It was also important that the building would centre the students in the campus, would be environmentally sound and fit within its historic surroundings.