The Current and Prospective Packaging Waste Regulations

Packaging Waste
Packaging Waste

The Current and Prospective Packaging Waste Regulations

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21 October 2022

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The timber trade is a £10 billion industry in the UK with the members of Timber Development UK accounting for 85% of that industry, encompassing timber importers, merchants, agents and manufacturers. With such a wide array of member interests, every facet of the packaging waste regulations are bound to be encountered in some form or other.

This document aims to first summarise the current packaging waste regulations and how they affect the members of Timber Development UK regarding specific products we know are handled, before turning to the prospective changes to the packaging waste regulations. These upcoming changes, which are still prospective at the moment, otherwise known as ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’, encompass a marked change in the regulations.

Key Information
  • Under the proposed Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations, more businesses will be captured and they will face greater cost, as compared with the current regime.
  • Businesses with a turnover equal to, or greater than, £1million, and handling packaging of 25 tonnes or more, must complete bi-annual reporting.
  • The new Plastic Packaging Tax, which came into force on 1 April 2022, means producers or importers of plastic packaging that contains less than 30% recycled plastic will be taxed an additional £200 per tonne.
  • Businesses can mitigate costs from these changes by making use of easily recycled packaging, recovering packaging waste themselves, of through reusable packaging